Discover the tricks and techniques behind future bass production with Hyperbits

This Start-to-Finish course is a comprehensive 62-video tutorial where renowned producer Hyperbits walks you through the creation of a remix for Laidback Luke - explaining the entire process step-by-step in under 5 hours.

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About Hyperbits

  • Part of over 15 Hype Machine #1 Records
  • Official remixes for artists like Beyonce, Nick Jonas, Tove Lo, Neon Trees, Mako, Felix Jaehn, and Syn Cole.
  • Signed record deals with Universal, Island Def Jam, Sony, Ultra, Virgin EMI & more.
  • Over 12 million streams across Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube
  • Founder and creator of the Hyperbits Masterclass

Who Hyperbits Has Worked With

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"Serik is an incredible producer and an even better teacher–as a budding producer, theres nothing more valuable than getting into another producer’s head and learning their process, workflow, tips and tricks. With everything I’ve learned from him, my only regret is that I couldn’t learn from him even earlier in my career."

– Thero

What Do You Get?

60+ HD start-to-finish videos broken down into seven parts:

Part 1: Prepping Stems (15 min)

When given 20+ remix stems from an official remix, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by quickly dropping all of the remix stems into your DAW without thinking twice.

But what if you spent just 5-10 minutes prepping your stems?

You could then look at things from a bird-eye view and answer the most important questions when getting started:

  • What genre & BPM should my remix be in?
  • What does the label actually expect from me?
  • Which stems should I include from the original?

You'll learn how to hone in on a genre and BPM that works for this specific remix, how to communicate with the label, and how to determine which stems are worth using in your remix.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Communicating with the Label

    The music industry is all about relationships. Learn the best way to talk to A&R's and make sure both you and the label's visions materialize.

  • Determine the Remix BPM & Genre

    Learn how to avoid degrading the true character and essence of the lead vocal to determine the best BPM to remix in.

  • Warping Stems In Ableton

    Utilize different warping algorithms and shortcuts to export stems in Ableton in the highest quality + most efficient way possible.

Part 2: Creating an Idea (36 min)

Music production is all about that initial spark - creating an idea that excites you and motivates you to progress and eventually finish a song.

Sometimes, creating that initial spark can be difficult, or even daunting (ok, let's face it - it can be down-right awful). These videos will show you that coming up with an idea doesn't need to be difficult, in fact, starting slow is perfectly ok, perhaps even beneficial.

In Part 2, you’ll discover the benefits to using a basic template, how to harness creative energy early in the artistic process, exactly how to create a memorable chord progression that fits the original vocals, and why it's never too early to start structuring your track or even using vocal chops.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Working with Templates

    Is it worth using a template? Does it hinder creativity? Let’s find out.

  • Compose Memorable Chords to a Vocal

    Writing chords to fit a vocal doesn't need to be restrictive, it can offer direction and even become liberating. Watch Hyperbits detail an approach you can use in any genre.

  • Create the Initial Spark

    Focus on what works early in the creative process (and why this is the #1 most important concept to stay motivated through out the life of the project).

Part 3: Creating the Drop (60 min)

Without the drop, the entire song falls apart.

If you slip up even a little bit, your whole song could get ruined.

Learn how to properly execute every drop element - from the kick, to the 808s, to the cinematic stabs, to future bass chords, staccato strings, percussion, drum fills and even the highly popular vocal chops.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Creating Future Bass Chords with Serum

    Learn how to tweak Serum to get beautiful & lush future-chords that move and pump in time with YOUR track.

  • Vocal Chops

    Vocal chop leads have never been so popular. Learn how to create your own unique blend of vocal chops by warping & cutting audio, and utilizing strategic, intense processing chains.

  • Cinematic Brass Stabs

    Ever wonder how to make these super popular bass stabs? Look no further...

Part 4: Creating the Build (44 min)

Builds are all about creating tension.

They are an opportunity to showcase your production skills with creativity and attention to detail.

Learn how to create intricate grooves that are unique to the vibe of your track with 909s, military snares, and samples everywhere - literally everywhere - from 12 year-old Youtube performers to the Splice Sounds library.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Entering the Drop

    The drop is ONLY as powerful as how you enter it. Use transient shapers to add impact and clarity in drum fills.

  • Programming Intricate Snare Work

    Want to make your track stand out? Learn how to flex, warp, program, and layer unique sample choice to create effective, memorable drum builds.

  • Automate the Master Channel

    Learn how to properly tweak volume, eq, reverb AND the stereo image on your master channel during a build for a more powerful drop.

Part 5: Structuring the Track (33 min)

Do you overcomplicate arrangement? After watching this video you’ll recognize how simple it really is.

Learn the one arrangement tip that’ll save you a TON of time and help you get "unstuck."

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Copying Automation

    There’s no point drawing new automation every time you make a new section. Simply copy it.

  • How to Get Unstuck

    Not sure where to go with a section? Suffering from Loopitis? Learn how to get through structure quickly and keep yourself from slowing down.

Part 6: Mixing (1 hour, 6 min)

Creating a viable idea is extremely important - but unless the idea is presented well, no one will ever pay attention.

The only way to present an idea well is to pull off a proper mixdown.

Mixing is both a science and an artform - and combing both (the meticulous + creative side of things) you can start to achieve a level of commercial gloss and polish that will make your mixes standup to the professionals.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Mixing for Separation and Distinction

    At the heart of it, mixing is about making every single element in your track as clear as possible. Watch Hyperbits as he uses reductive eq to create mixing relationships that add clarity and separation to almost every element of the track.

  • Vocal Processing Chains

    Learn how to mix commercially present, bright vocals that are smooth and easily digestible without being overly harsh and brittle using the Hyperbits Vocal processing chain.

  • Mixing to Reference Tracks

    Learn how to actually utilize a reference track to get your mix to a better level of professional quality.

Part 7: Mastering (37 min)

Mastering is no longer some secretive, elusive process only executed by old dudes with pony tails. You can create world-class, professional masters that sound great on any system, right in your own bedroom.

You just need to learn how to use the tools you've already got.

The final video in this Start-to-Finish will focus on creating a loud master, while still maintaining your dynamic range.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • Mastering Chain

    Learn the exact plugin chain Hyperbits has used to self-master official remixes for Universal, Sony, EMI, Ultra, and so many more top-tier, major labels.

  • Commercial Loudness

    Your dynamic range doesn't need to suffer - get commercially loud and competitive without sacrificing quality and clarity.

  • EQ Matching

    Want to sound like Zedd? Audien? NGHTMRE? Let's use EQ matching techniques to literally borrow your favorite artist's frequency spectrum.


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$97 / person
  • 5 Hour future bass start to finish track walkthrough (62+ videos)
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  • 4 Hour Ultimate Guide to Serum

4 Hour Ultimate Guide to Serum

Learn every parameter in Xfer's Serum and how to use it
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How to manipulate Serum to create any sound you want
Build 4 sound design examples of popular Future Bass sounds
No other Serum course exists like this.

Not only will you learn every parameter inside of Serum, but you'll learn how to manipulate Serum to create almost any future bass sound you want.

This means strategies for HUGE future bass chords, luscious pads, powerful basses and epic leads - tons of knowledge showing you how to take control of your patches, and come up with fresh, new and intriguing ideas.

After absorbing this course, there will be nothing stopping you from using Serum to stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from the somewhat over-saturated future bass space.

It doesn't matter what DAW you use.

Hyperbits is mostly in Logic X, but the concepts, ideas and workflow he presents is applicable across all DAWs.

"Serik is a production genius! His meticulous approach to so many different aspects of the production process is brilliant. You’ll learn extensively about producing, mixing, mastering, and more! Don’t overlook this incredible opportunity! Oh and he’s a sexy guy."

– Jenaux

What Students Are Saying


1. Do I stream this? Download it? What's the deal?

Upon signing up you'll be given login info to the Hyperbits members-only site. From there you'll be able to stream all the videos in high definition. Trust me, it's better this way - 70+ videos in high definition is too big of a file to download 😃

2. I don't use Logic Pro X. Is this still worth buying?

Absolutely. First off, Hyperbits jumps back and forth between Logic & Ableton - but beyond that, most of the concepts, ideas, & workflow are applicable across all DAWS. Plus, the majority of tools Hyperbits is using are third party plugins anyway.

3. Do I need specific plugins to follow along?

Hyperbits does use a lot of third party plugins, but there is always an alternative to achieve a similar result. Sure, your version might sound different - but the important thing here is learning the concepts, not always reaching for the same exact plugins.

4. What if I don't like the course?

Email if you'd like a refund and we'll take care of you, no questions asked.